I Love Colfax documentary

Colfax Avenue has its own distinct culture, with people and places we love to visit in the heart of Denver, doing things the Colfax Way. Its reputation as “the longest, wickedest street in America” stuck because there was truth to it. Still today, there are stretches of serious socio-economic challenge, one of which is providing services for a healthy life to the many homeless students who live there. This is where the Colfax Community Network offers support. The I Love Colfax project wants to take viewers inside Colfax culture and build support for the Colfax Community Network’s support of the transient motel population along Colorado’s roughest stretch of Colfax Avenue.

I Love Colfax introduces you to the creative community on Colfax Avenue, the people who make it special, the places and music connecting the community to it’s own people. Come along for the ride, we think you’ll end up loving Colfax, too.

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